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Unless a man is an atheist or agnostic, there is an innate hunger in him for the justification of his spiritual man. It is a built-in need in him to be engaged in some kind of religiosity just to bring about the validation of his inner being. So he renders himself to his religion the best way he can. He engages in all kinds of holy ritual and rites, and follows his religious path by celebrating the holidays as per his consecrated customs. But he does it often without ever probing into their intended purposefulness and asserted significance. The traditions make him so blind that he hardly ever challenges his religious beliefs and examines his holy ways to judge if he is heading towards the direction that is right for him. Thus, he misses to understand whether his spiritual needs are being fulfilled through his religious renderings or not, let alone what they actually are?

However, there is huge difference between following a religion and having a relationship with God. They are two very different foundations for man to upright his spiritual life. The former encourages and enriches one in his holiness; the later awakens and leads his spirit to know the love of the Creator. One makes him captive of his religiosity -- the other sets him free in the universe of Love. One is a path of delusion and darkness – the other is an avenue of higher understanding and light.

There is a path of man’s holy works and his self-righteousness; and then there is a path of God’s love and His grace.

This book tells the story of man who walked on both of these paths – starting out on the former but ending up on the later. It is the delineation of his spiritual evolution from who he originally was and what he ended up becoming through the grace of God.

Yes, it is my own story! I was born and raised in a wonderful Hindu home with very godly parents who lived their lives abiding in God. They were truly loved by God. They rendered their lives in His service, and eventually, submitted their soul to Him. The inheritance I received from them is utterly rich in human goodness and godly virtue. My religiously enriched upbringing got further enhanced by the fact that I was born in a Brahmin family by caste, so not only I had the familiarity with the holy customs and traditions, and the ritual and rites of my religion, but also a general grasping of the Hindu holy books and the understanding of its creeds and canons along with the indulgence of underlying myths and mysticism.

But something happened -- like a spiritual storm befell upon my life -- and it challenged my faith and made me realize that all I had was the material wealth of my religion. The spiritual essence was totally missing because I had no clue of who God was in truth? I did not have a clear understanding of what was the heart of Hinduism? What was my own faith? And what was my own standing before God? All these unknowns stood tall before me questioning and challenging the validity of the very essence of my spiritual existence.

However, unlike the typical storm which destroys whatever comes in its way and leaves all kinds of ruins behind it, the spiritual tempest which takes place in the inner world of the person, often takes the destruction and converts it into construction. It overhauls his person and rebuilds his entirety with a new composition; and it redecorates him with the beauty and splendor of God. It refines him with His virtue and character, and embellishes him with His elegance and exquisiteness.

However, such transformation in inner chambers of the human heart comes only when God chooses to reconstruct him; when He chooses to rebirth him in His own spirit -- so that He could totally renovate him from inside out and resurrect his wholeness according to His will.

This is exactly what happened when all kinds of awfully wild winds of spirituality threw me into such a whirlpool of wonderment where the only possible rescue I had was to reach a hold on the Truth of God. What I went through and what happened during those days, I have scripted in one of my books, ‘In Search for the Truth’ -- which was published more than twelve years ago detailing my desperate search for the Truth -- because that is what my spiritual journey ended up being. It was an exquisite exploration to reach the higher Reality. This book is a journal of how it all came about? To give an idea of events during that period -- more than fifteen some years ago – I have included parts of the text from this journal at several places in this book.

However, the previous book could not tell the whole story because at the time of its publication, I was still at the midway of my spiritual expedition. There were so many unknowns hidden in the veil of time like: at what destination I ended up at the end of my journey, and most importantly, whether or not, I found what I was looking for? And did I ever reach the Truth and found God, or not?

The book in your hands provides the answers to these questions by delineating all what happened to me and my family during this holy expedition and truthfully charts down an account of all the destinations that we passed through while being on this most overwhelming and unfolding journey a man can ever have.

Yes, it is true, that I have a special affection for this book because it completes the story – the story which I started telling in my previous book in regard to my hungry pursuit for the Truth. And thank God, that He granted me the blessing to tell the tale of my expedition to His truth – which I lovingly call ‘My Journey to Jesus’. Yes, it is a story that describes how from being a Hindu I became a Christian?

But more than mere affection, my heart holds this manuscript in a very high regard because it praises God for His inexhaustible love, His unending grace; because it exalts not only what was revealed to me by the Spirit during this holy voyage, but also the way He poured it into my heart with so much warmth and affection. Every word of this book sings glories of how God put me in His rest and placed my soul in His perpetual peace and joy? How He secured me in His goodness and grace? And how He blessed me to live in the majesty and magnificence of the gospel of Christ – the gospel that emanated from His heart in love for all mankind and became a divine light to this dark and condemned world?

Surely, it is an utterly overwhelming thought that the Lord God commissioned me to such a sanctified mission to talk about Him, and speak of how He transformed me and accomplished His will in my life; and how He cured my spiritual blindness from birth and restored my vision so that I could behold His grace and truth – in a person of His beloved son Jesus Christ -- and receive His love and light through Him.

The Lord knows that I have never taken myself as an author of all the books I have written because I always believed myself to be only a delivery man. Nothing ever I have composed and compiled that was mine as it all was given to me by God. Whatever I have written and published of His truth is only what I have been unveiled by the Divine. However, He did it in such a way that I was able to live, experience and enjoy it first – and then came to know it by becoming it -- and finally, was able to script and publish it. These books have been God’s way of blessing me in a very unique way as they all became a divine lamp unto my feet and a heavenly light unto my path.

I know my words will never come even close to rendering the fullness of my gratitude to my God. However, even while knowing all of my iniquities and thinking of how unworthy of His love I am, my heart lifts up to Him in praises not only for His benevolence upon my soul that saved her from eternal damnation and secured her eternally in His rest and peace but also granting me the privilege to write about it narrating the details on how through His most intimate and loving communions He unlocked the mystery of His word and enabled me to have the comprehension of His truth so that I could forever enjoy and cherish the sanctuary of the Lord Jesus Christ, every day here and after, and speak of it through His inspired compositions in this book

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