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(April 4, 2016 ~ Posted in Facebook)

For many years I have been diligently praying, “O’ God, please, teach me Love! “ Because, in the finality of wisdom bestowed upon me in His grace, I learned that the Love is all I need to live my life -- as love alone has the vision to guide me to the Truth, empower and grant me the preservation and protection, successfully sustain and carry-on my life, and joyfully fulfill and complete it in the way God has willed it for me.

The book of Genesis depicts a pretty detailed picture of what God went through for six days and how much preparation He made before He created His most wonderful and beloved creature – the man – and gave him the full authority to relish what He had so magnificently formed and fashioned for his joy.

Whenever I wonder about it and ask: “Why God, why? Why did you do that? What was the purpose in your mind when you decided to create man and went through all this trouble to make it happen?”

The Holy Bible gives glimpses of all kinds of clues about it, which make me conclude that God went through all that labor in creating man so that He could fellowship with Him. God wanted to enjoy his man enjoying His love and understand what love is? He wanted him to live life in loving others to glorify the love of His heart.

Undeniably, Love is the essence of all life. No wonder, God created man in His own image -- in His own essence -- so that he could know the mind and heart of his creator – his heavenly Father – and know not only His moral and virtue, His character and quality, but more so His kindness and mercy, His care and compassion, His forgiveness and forbearance, His goodness and grace, and the enormity of His unconditional love.

Oh! God wanted man to be a living manifestation of the glory of His love.

But, as the Holy word says, even the very first man in the garden who was given the sole monarchy over the whole universe to live and enjoy in abundance of all things failed to understand the heart of his creator; he failed to understand His love.

And even after the biggest sacrifice the Father made and gave away His only begotten Son for the love of man, whom He adored above all creatures, and for whom Jesus gave His life at the cross because He loved him so much, yet the man (most of them if not all) still fails to know what love truly is?

It is not that only Adam failed to understand what love really means, but all generations since then have been suffering with this ignorance because only those whom God chooses to reveal the true essence of His love come to know what love truly is.

This is why the gospel of Jesus is practiced as the gospel of man; the gospel of grace is received merely as the sacrament of attaining salvation. Man does not come to know the true essence of Jesus or His gospel because he does not know the true spirit of love. So without knowing love, how can he know the sacrifice of Jesus; how can he know the heart of the Father.

Jesus is the incarnation of love. But to know love, one has to lay-down of himself before Him. In Matthew 16:24, Jesus says, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” But how many of us do that and deny our ‘Self’? This is why we fail to know the true spirit of Jesus and true essence of incarnated Love.

Oh! We fail because we do not know how to receive love and how to give love!

Often we love our loved ones by giving gifts and greeting cards, sending flowers, and even sharing meals, but all these are merely the ‘Tokens of Acknowledgement of Love’, and Not the ‘Representative of Expressions of Love’.

The true expression of love happens only in humility -- in laying-down of our selves – reaching out and holding hand, standing by and being there -- persevering patiently and suffering quietly -- and sacrificing lovingly our life in the name of love and doing all this with no judgment and allowing the love to work and foster in its total freedom.

But how often does that happen? As most often, before we open our arms to embrace someone in love, we judge the person to see if he is worthy of our love; if he agrees to us and willing to change according to our wisdom; and even after meeting all the criteria we impose upon our love-offer, our love is not constant as it keep changing according to the winds of our emotions about the person.

Oh, how often we do not even hear the cries for love from a heart that is desperately longing for it – forget about offering any consolation to such a sobbing soul.

When God says, He loves us, He also says, I have sacrificed my Son for that love. When Jesus says He loves us, He also says, I have given my life for that love.

So every time before we utter these words, “I love you!”, we must ask what have we given up for it and what have we laid dawn at the altar of Love for the one whom we love and who is screaming for love?

I pray that God teaches me this so that I could learn and grow in Love -- know and receive His love -- share and enjoy that love with others -- and enable me to always operate in love of God by laying down my ‘self’ in whatever way the Love requires.

May the Lord make me the conduit of His love with the entirety of my existence – fulfilling the very purpose He has designed me for!


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