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It is not possible to size God’s vision and measure what the ultimate Ashram’s magnitude would be; however, it is firmly believed that in its eventuality the Ashram would have many sites that would unfold themselves in due time. However, initially the Ashram plans to establish two sites that would be located at:

         Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
         Dibiapur, U.P., India

Although all Ashram sites are to have their own individually defined programs according to their community needs, however as being envisioned, the first U.S. site, which would be located in Orlando, would be equipped with the facilities that would enable it to function as a Main-site, serving as Head Office, since its primary responsibility would be to serve as a Global Support-Center for all programs and activities being provided in all other Ashram sites in India as well as in U.S.

The Dibiapur site in India would be the first of many in that country that would offer full range of human services by implementing all intended programs designed to help the local community and its people.

The main objective of this initial site in India is to model the vision of the Ashram that could present itself as an example of what other future sites would be like that are to rise in due time to manifest the vision in its fullness.

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