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Major theologies agree that the ‘Search for God’ is ‘Search for the Truth’, since God is the Truth! Hindu philosophy goes even one more step further and states that ‘Search for God’ or ‘Search for Truth’ is nothing but the ‘Search for the Reality’ of our own Self, since the Self in the highest form is the Truth, and in ultimate reality is God.

This is why the ‘Search for Truth’ is the most enlightening journey for an awakened soul!

Since, man is born with innate desire to know God, so the Search for the Truth is an inherent passion of his soul. But too bad! Often, in ignorance he misplaces his passion by engaging in pursuit of pleasures of this world, and fails to realize the fact that search for Truth is his natural pursuit, and knowing and attaining God is an inherent goal of his humanity.

The reason for this intrinsic craving in man is that his soul is ever in love with God even though often he is not aware of it. He knows not that his love for God, which often goes unrecognized and unacknowledged, is very natural, since he is made by God and with God; meaning God made him with His own being; and thus, He is both – his Maker as well as the Material with which he is made.

So it is very natural for man to have such an un-erasable desire to search and find God, and have union with Him. After all, his soul is a part of God, which is a truth that is validated by all scriptures. Holy Vedas, Upanishads, Holy Gita, Holy Ramayana, and all holy words proclaim that the soul within – the Self – the Atman, is a part of the ParamAtman (the Brahman – the Godhead).

Though Holy Bible speaks about it a bit differently but it also confirms the fact that man has a very special relationship with God, since not only He made him, but He did so in His own image.

Now, what is God? Is He not the Truth?

Of course, He is! It means man is very closely related to the Truth, since not only he is made by the Truth but he is of the Truth. This is why man has an intrinsic longing to know the Truth and be united with the Truth.

The fact is that the dehydration, which the soul of man constantly feels in herself, and which her so restless, is due to her suffering from the separation of God; and it is this dehydration that makes man’s life a mission of quenching her thirst, though he does is quite unknowingly. Because, due to indwelling darkness, often he knows not what he is thirsty of, and what would satisfy him? So he fails to figure out where to look for and where to find it?

And since he fails to recognize his own craving and falters in realizing the truth that his soul would not rest in peace until she finds God and reaches His truth, his search to satisfy his inner being becomes very misplaced; and as a result, though he searches everywhere for what would satisfy his un-restful being, he reaches yet no true satisfaction, since his misdirected endeavors attain him only the fleshly comfort but no enduring rest for his restless soul.

Thus, man fails to recognize his own reality, and becomes the victim of his own inner ignorance!

Though it is true, that the Search for Truth remains the pursuit of his life, but often it remains misunderstood, unacknowledged, and unrecognized and that is why it often goes unrealized.

Since the expression of this inherent spiritual thirst, which is the driving force behind the Search for Truth, is very subtle, the grossness of fleshly hunger most often overshadows it. And as a result, man recognizes the later, which of course is the one that is most obvious and fails to understand, which remains quite understated.

So in delusion and darkness, man chases the objects of his desire, thinking that is what his soul wants, and goes after all kinds of material things his heart longs for hoping that it would bring him the inner satisfaction and yield him the fulfillment. But quite unfortunately, as we all know, that never happens!

Oh! The pursuit of happiness through earthly affluence deceives man badly! It keeps him as thirsty as he ever was; and thus, his hunger to know the Truth remains unfulfilled as ever, and his journey, which was ordained by God to ‘Search for the Truth’ absolutely goes in vain.

Surely, he tries to drink water from every well he thinks can quench his thirst, but quite unfortunately, since he knows not his own thirst and understands not the true reason of what is causing in him such unquenchable dryness, he fails to satisfy himself and remains unsatisfied even till the end of his days on this earth; and thus, he departs from this world often thirstier than his entrance into it.

So as we can see! Man’s Search for the Truth gets very misplaced due to his ignorance and darkness, due to his passion and infatuation.

Now the question is: Can man discover this reality on his own? Can he realize that nothing but the true knowing of God alone will slake his thirst permanently and bring him the enduring peace? And, can he reach the Reality and Truth through his own brightness and brilliance or he cannot do it without the help from God and needs his goodness and grace? Also, can he desire to know God without God willing it first? And can he reach Him through his own efforts and endeavors or he needs God whose grace is the only power that can make it possible?

The book, ‘In Search for the Truth’, the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, discusses this subject in the light of scriptures and brings to light those mysteries that are hidden in holy words of Holy Gita, Holy Vedas and Upanishads, Holy Ramayana, and Holy Bible, and all scriptural texts that contain the answers to these questions.

‘In Search for theTruth’ also provides a view of the fact that beyond the mundane life of a secular mind lies the extraordinary life of the sacred soul; that beyond the song of passion of this world, echoes the melody of love of eternal empire; that beyond the elegance of outer physics shines forth the beauty, grace and the elegance of the inner being; that beyond the journey of the ego-centric physical self begins the voyage of the soul; that beyond the glamour and glory of our own spirit lies the beauty and splendor of the Spirit of God.

‘In Search for the Truth’, the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, not only addresses the issue of how to Search for the Truth, but also examines: What the ‘Search for Truth’ really is? And how and why it rises in the human heart? How deeply it is embedded in him? And of course, how it is fulfilled? What kind of provisions God has made for him to reach it? And what is it like when one reaches the Truth and beholds the beauty of its heavenly horizons?

One of the best things about this book is that it takes on this very important subject of human life, the ‘Search of Truth’, from the point of view of an ordinary person rather than someone who is very spiritually developed and is well-versed in all kinds of holy text, since this manuscript, ‘In Search for the Truth’, is like a personal journal of the spiritual journey the author took, where he documents the pleasantry of those destinations that he passed though while on the way to the enlightenment; of course, whose wonderment he finds beyond expressions.

The contents of the book ‘Search for the Truth’ are the sketches of authors own spiritual development that depict the details of his personal inner struggle and growth while wandering in the wilderness of world of spirituality, and they tell the bits and pieces of story of such man, whose desperate search for light after his life was doomed to darkness, became the finding of the vision of the higher Truth.

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