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Author: Vijai K. Tiwari

The Divine View of Holy Gita: 

The Divine View of Holy Gita was inspired to be written with a three-fold purpose: first, to provide a concise composite of Hindu Philosophy based on the scriptural truth as stated in the Hindu holy books; second, to shed light on the divinity of Holy Gita and to depict the cosmic view hidden in her verses; and third, to address the issue of human bondage, man’s captivity through the Karmic cycle, and the possibility of attaining liberation of the soul. It provides a concise view of Hindu philosophy, including insight into the Karmic cycle and Yogic disciplines as revealed through the divinity of Holy Gita, which is an extract of supreme wisdom hidden in the Holy Vedas and Upanishads. ..more..
This book is available online.

In Search for the Truth: 

Though man is not aware of this reality, his soul intrinsically thirsts for Truth. He is born with this innate desire, and he drinks water from every well he thinks can quench his thirst. Unfortunately, he still remains unsatisfied, and departs from this world often thirstier than his first entrance. The question is: can man discover this reality on his own? Can he realize that nothing but the true knowing of God alone will slake his thirst permanently and bring him the enduring peace? Also, can he reach the Reality and Truth through his own brilliance? Can he desire to know God without God willing it first? And can he reach Him through his own efforts and endeavors? ..more..
This book is available online.

The Liberation of Soul: 

Human birth is given to man for the sole purpose of liberating his soul from bondage. But often man employs his life for everything else but that. Even those who are awake to the higher reality often devote their lives worrying excessively about the next life and investing their spirituality in securing prosperity for it. Both cases miss the essential truth of incarnation: the true goal of human life is not to accumulate “good” Karma for future lives but rather to achieve eternal freedom from the captivity of Karma. Fewer still perceive that the salvation of the soul and her redemption from Karmic bondage is fully obtainable by all. ..more..
This book is available online.

Karmic Cycle ~ The Chronic Consequence of Karmic Bondage: 

This book not only provides the details on various laws of Karma and their enforcement upon the mortal life of the soul, but also takes into account the entirety of Karmic life which the soul suffers, and gives all details on how she repeatedly passes through the tunnel of transmigration and how she wanders into all kinds of Karmic worlds and describes those detours, which the soul takes, before her final restoration into her native habitation, which is the everlasting abode of God. ..more..

This book is available online. These books are vailable at:.  
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