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The Ashram’s mission is to render manifold human services to people of all ages, gender, castes, races and religions by implementing programs that would improve lives of those who are disadvantaged and deprived, and reach out to those who are not sufficient in themselves and need help in medicine, food, clothes, shelter, education, housing and several others things, which are essential to life, and to engage in multi-faceted projects leading to development of surrounding rural area by acquiring help from the local and central government and receiving charities and grants not only from internal but also from external and international organizations.

Thus, the bi-fold mission of the Ashram can be stated as follows:

A. To foster the development of spiritual life and to promote the word of God, locally and abroad, by implementing programs that provide opportunities to individuals as well communities to participate in worship, fellowship and engagement in selfless community service, and to grow in scriptural knowledge of various mainstream religions, mainly Hinduism and Christianity, their philosophy and application in daily life, and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to the society.

B. To provide relief to the poor, the distressed and underprivileged, by meeting life’s basic needs, and to serve the social, cultural and religious needs of both, the individual and the general public, and to engage in missionary work, to share the love of God through selfless human service, and participate in missions that are inclined towards Overcoming poverty, Primary health care, Area development, Homeless-shelter, and Poor-people-housing.

Love is the essence of the missionary vision of the Ashram, and serving others with compassion and care is its way to manifest its love in all humanity. The heart of the Ashram is to serve the local communities in India as well as in U.S. by anticipating and meeting the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the individuals as well as of the families through a wide range of comprehensive programs and services.

The initiation of the Anant Missionary Ashram is the realization of that vision, which is to manifest itself to fullness in due time through the establishment of several such Spiritual Development and Human Services Centers all across India and United States.

And as vision extends into the future, so would its objectives, as the ultimate goal of the Ashram is to build poor people housing communities all across India through the collaboration of all resources available nationally as well as internationally by using the model after ‘Habitat for Humanity International’, which is world’s most prominent nonprofit housing organization to meet such destitute human need.

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