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The book ‘The Liberation of Soul’ by the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, brings this scriptural truth home that man is born in bondage; he is born in Bondage to Karma, Bondage to Sin, Bondage to Desire, Bondage to this World…

We can call it whatever we like, but the truth remains, that man is in Bondage!

And the human birth that has been given to him by God is for one and one purpose alone, which is the ‘Liberation of the Soul’ from this Bondage.

But often man employs his life for everything else but that. Even the ones who are awake to the higher reality often devote their lives worrying excessively about the next life and investing their spirituality in securing future Karmic prosperity rather than worrying about the eternal Liberation of the Soul.

Thus, the ignorant and the wise, both often miss the essential truth of incarnation: the true goal of human life is not to accumulate “good” Karma for future lives but rather to achieve Freedom from Bondage and attain Everlasting life for the Soul; and they both end up wasting their lives in obtaining material things rather than earning the Salvation of the Soul and attaining Eternal Liberation for her from Karmic Bondage.

The truth is that man’s spirituality is not so much about the Salvation of Soul as much as about him being righteous; and this fact can be easily verified in all of his spiritualendeavors.

And that is why, quite commonly, there is hardly any sense of urgency in Hindu mind to attain Salvation for Soul in the current human life, as whenever he thinks about life beyond this life he generally finds his focus upon the next Karmic-life and not the Eternal Life. And that is where lies his religious ignorance; that is where he is living in spiritual darkness; that is where he is very misdirected and ill-advised by his holy beliefs.

This book, ‘The Liberation of Soul’ by the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, addresses this most important issue of human life, and boldly exposes the darkness hidden in religious dogmas and doctrines, and explains how the popular creeds and cannons of religious ignorance contaminate the undeveloped spiritual mind. The book also raises all kinds of questions on the subject of Salvation of Soul, and in doing so unveils very overwhelming facts related to the subject of ‘Freedom from Bondage’.

In ‘The Liberation of Soul’, the author also discusses on how to seek the spiritual insight that could correctly guide the growth in knowledge about how to find the right way to reach a truly fruitful and fulfilled religious life which is fully capable of accomplishing the ultimate goal of human embodiment – the Eternal Liberation of the Soul.

It also exposes the scriptural truth that it is not man’s Karma but the grace of God, not his righteous life but his selfless life in submission to God, not his holiness but his abidance in the holiness of God, not his sacred ways but the ways of surrender to God, that pave him the way for Salvation of Soul and take him to the land of Eternal Life.

So find out much more on this great subject in, ‘The Liberation of Soul’, and learn what plan Gad has provided to man to reconcile him to Himself.

This book is available at: 

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