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karmiccycle karmiccycle

The reality is that man’s rationality has no answer to such questions as to why does the good and virtuous suffer? And why does the evil and wicked prosper and live an affluent life? His reason cannot explain such disparity; his wisdom has no explanation for such inequality that occurs daily; the world is full of such happenings. Man even with all secular knowledge and material wisdom is totally disabled to answer such questions.

Though human reasoning cannot provide any adequate justification for such unfairness in life, Hindu scriptures produce a very convincing validation why life that seems so unjustified when we confront such inequality, and seems so arbitrary and even coincidental at times, actually has a very defined order, in which all incidents taking place are no coincidences at all but are the happenings that have been destined according to some pre-ordinance determined by the Higher power that is responsible for all creation.

But the Vedantic philosophy, which is the heart of the Hindu theology, yields a concise clarification and provides a very satisfactory elucidation why life is the way it is, by revealing the truth about the soul that she is eternal and immortal, and is a part of all-pervading Consciousness (God), and by unfolding the secret about Karma, which is the regulating authority over her material embodiments, which forces her to pass through countless earthly embodiments, and by disclosing the fact that the unevenness of life that she suffers is as a results of her own doings of the past, and that all her reincarnations and their good and bad experiences are nothing but the expression of the Karma that she created during past human births.

This book takes a very close look on this very popular subject, so called Karma, and explains in easy terms what Karma is? What are its workings? Upon what principles it operates? What are its rules and regulations?

The book not only provides the details on various laws of Karma and their enforcement upon the mortal life of the soul, but also takes into account the entirety of Karmic life which the soul suffers, and gives all details on how she repeatedly passes through the tunnel of transmigration and how she wanders into all kinds of Karmic worlds and describes those detours, which the soul takes, before her final restoration into her native habitation, which is the everlasting abode of God.

This book is available at:  

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