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Dr. Ashok K. Sharma
Anant Missionary Ashram, Dibiapur, Auraiya, U.P., India

For Ashram to reach the full realization of its vision, it would take many years of planning and hard work from people who would be involved in it. To minimize the risk, the development approach is to organize and plan well, breaking down large steps into smaller ones that are easy to manage, and then building one step at a time. Also because each step would require new funding, a multi-step and multi-phase approach is more suitable by minimizing the risk and increasing the probability of success tremendously.

The site development map shows a generic approach on how each site of the Ashram would be developed and would be brought to operation. Even though the objectives and the implemented programs to meet those objectives may differ from site to site but overall philosophy and methodology of site development would still remain the same.

The site development approach would involve following five phases and each phase would have a set of detailed tasks that would be planned and mapped for each individual site according to its objectives and programs:

Phase 1 - Site Initiation:
        Site Selection
        Core Organization Setup
        Office Setup
        Area Need Study
        Site Program Identification
        Site Acquisition
        Site Incorporation
        Site Nama-Sans-Karan
        Site Development Planning
        Resource Definition

Phase 2 - Site Development:
        Site Mapping
        Facility Building Construction
        Property Equipment Acquisition
        Program Equipment Acquisition
        Land Development
        Program Development

Phase 3 - Site Operation:
        Site Operation Readiness
        Site Grand Opening
        Initial Program Launching
        Program and Activity Adjustment
        Full Program Implementation

Phase 4 - Local Area Development:
        Area Development Definition
        Area Development Planning
        Projects Definition
        Projects Planning
        Project Resource management
        Project Development and Implementation

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