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Though Holy Gita is the smallest in volume among the major holy books, yet it is regarded to be the most complete book in its theological exposition. This cornerstone of Hindu philosophy reveals not only the wisdom of Holy Vedas and Upanishads, but also unfolds the science underneath their wisdom.

However, the cosmic view of Holy Gita remains hidden to the ordinary eyes, since only an eagerly awakened vision is able to see her abundant beauty and bountifulness, which has been so beautifully unveiled in ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’, a book conceived in the bosom of Vijai K. Tiwari by the love and light of Lord Krishna.

Of course, when a humble heart, longing to know the Truth, devoutly seeks the verses of Holy Gita, her words rise to life and become live. The wisdom of Holy Gita begins to penetrate all ignorance and illusion; the radiance of the spirit of Lord Krishna begins to illuminate overcoming all indwelling darkness; the wisdom of Holy Vedas and Upanishads concealed in supreme words of Holy Gita begins to light up all corners of the inner world; and the truth of Lord Krishna begins to shine forth all horizons of the kingdom within.

The book, ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’, inspiringly highlights the fact that Holy Gita is a gospel of love and light, where Lord Krishna exposes not only the darkness in man but also unveils to him the reality of the Transcendental Self, and tells him why he is separated from God and how can he be eternally united with Him.

But this truth of Holy Gita is understood by man only when he touches her soul with virtue of love and light; only then he receives the concealed wisdom of Holy Vedas as revealed through her words, which documents the discourse of Lord Krishna that He gives to man of all time.

In ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’, the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, speaks of that heavenly view of Holy Gita, which Lord Krishna enables him to see through His utmost loving-kindness; a view that is of highest wisdom and understanding, a view that is of the truth and reality of God.

The book is an introduction to the Sacred Reality and Truth that was revealed to the author in the timeless tradition of enlightened vision. Contained in these chapters are direct spiritual insights that are not bound by mere historically based [mediated] theologies but instead spring from a direct [immediate] experience of one man’s passionate and personal search for the Divine.

This devotional book seeks the heart of Holy Gita not through ordinary consciousness but through total immersion in the majesty of this holy text that utters the word of incarnated God, Lord Krishna. In this book, the author shares his thoughts on the divinity of Holy Gita and the fresh meaning these heavenly words have bestowed in him.

‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’ was inspired by God to be written with a three-fold purpose: first, to provide a concise composite of Hindu Philosophy based on the scriptural truth as stated in Hindu holy books like Holy Vedas and Upanishads, and as unveiled by Lord Krishna in the pages of Holy Gita; second, to shed light on the divinity of Holy Gita and to depict the cosmic view hidden in her verses; and third, to address the issue of human bondage, man’s captivity through the Karmic cycle, and the provisions God has made for man to attain the liberation for his soul.

This book not only examines the purpose of human life as revealed by God in scriptural texts like Holy Gita, Holy Vedas and Upanishad, Holy Ramayana, Holy Bible, and the teachings of Buddha etc. but also explores the ways how man can fulfill that divine purpose in common daily life.

The intent of ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’ is not to promote Hindu philosophy but rather to create a clearer understanding of its doctrine. Above all, the focus of this book is to bring the reader closer to God, by living daily life in love and light of Krishna, Christ and Buddha and following the righteous path as dictated by such religions as Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism etc.

It is neither religion nor its ritual and rites, nor its creeds and canons, but the understanding of the higher reality underneath the scriptural truth professed by the religion that is the main subject of this book.

The book emphasizes the truth as revealed through the divinity of Holy Gita, Holy Vedas and Upanishads, Holy Ramayana, Holy Bible, and other holy books, that one serves God not simply by performing holy works but by doing so within a context of selflessness, not simply through demonstrating one’s knowledge of scriptures but through one’s humble acceptance of the truth expressed in holy words, and not by mere observance of the sacred ways but through total surrender and submission to God.

The intent of the book, ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’, which is based on the revelations of God as unveiled in all holy books, is to promote love and light; and to encourage humility and meekness in all walks of life. Its purpose is to advance a way of surrender and submission to God; for only through a life of faith and trust in Him can man attain the goal for which he is born--to find freedom from bondage and attain the eternal liberation for his soul – the salvation.

The confirmation of the unveiled truth in this divinely inspired book, which so delightfully reflects upon the divinity of Holy Gita, comes not only from Holy Gita herself but also from other holy books and traditions--such as Holy Vedas and Upanishads, Holy Ramayana, and Holy Bible--of which the author speaks so eagerly and quotes text from them so confidently.

Thus, ‘The Divine View of Holy Gita’ is a concise view of Hindu Philosophy, which presents the Reality and Truth of God in most simple fashion, and provides an easy view of the highest understanding, including: an insight into the spiritual science of the existence of Universe, the mystery of Creation and Dissolution, the rules and regulations of Karma, the workings of the cycle of Transmigration, the extremity of fetters of Bondage, the secret of Yogic disciplines to reach the Light and Wisdom, and the proclamation of salvation through the grace of God, which joyfully unfolds the indwelling desire in the heart of God for man’s reconciliation with Him and its fulfillment through the incomprehensible power of His forgiveness, which a desperately seeking soul attains through absolute surrender and submission to Him.

All these things that have been revealed to the author, Vijai K. Tiwari, by Lord Krishna through the divinity of Holy Gita, which of course is an extract of supreme wisdom hidden in the holy text of Holy Vedas and Upanishads, are the topics of this book that certainly brings the most delightful and enlightening experience to the reader longing to know the Truth.

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