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Vijai K. Tiwari

Born and raised in India as a Hindu, Vijai K. Tiwari immigrated to the United States in the early seventies. After receiving his master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, he spent several years working in the technical sector until he joined The Boeing Company at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida during the late eighties, where he launched his career in space technology. Since that time, his numerous professional accomplishments have been in NASA-related projects in support of both Shuttle and International Space Station programs.

Though the author has never been a strong religious adherent, when life presented him with questions that a rote reliance on conventional dogma could not address in any meaningful sense, he undertook a search for those answers that could be found nowhere else but in the sanctuary of God. The truth of this singular (and at the same time perennial) awakening has become the theme of Vijai’s writings.

The author believes that institutionalized religion actually offers very little for man in its currently misappropriated and misunderstand form, where it is, in fact, frequently a hindrance to the spiritual journey. While pedestrian religiosity can offer a specious consolation, of sorts, it is not the path the great sages and saints have traveled before us, and it seldom leads to our true spiritual destination--enlightenment and liberation.

Though in many religious traditions the human life given to us by the Creator famously includes “freewill,” ironically, the pathway to Salvation through divine grace cannot be entered upon lest man first be willing to fully--indeed joyfully--surrender his life to God.

The writings of the author, Vijai Tiwari, are not driven by any particular theology but by the understanding that God has bestowed upon him through His Grace. They are the documentation of one man’s spiritual experiences through divine revelation and intimate communion with God.

His books, 'The Divine View of Holy Gita', 'In Search for the Truth', 'The Liberation of Soul', and 'Karmic Cycle', are very easy in their expressions, and yet they convey the deepest meaning of the word of God as revealed in Holy Gita, Holy Vedas and Upanishads, Holy Ramayana, Holy Bible and others scriptures. Surely they speak of the Truth as it is and without any distortion, and yet their delivery is overwhelmingly simple and straightforward.

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