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Emerged from an inspired vision from God, Anant Missionary Ashram is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to serve humanity by offering several life-healing programs while cultivating the love of God in the hearts and minds of those who share Ashram's vision and its viewpoint and join it to serve others for their welfare and render themselves to the betterment of all mankind.

The love and light of Christ is the essence of missionary vision of the Ashram, and serving others with care and compassion is its way to manifest His love in all humanity. The heart of the Ashram is to serve the local communities in India as well as in U.S. by anticipating the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the individuals as well as of the families and communities, and meeting them through a wide range of comprehensive programs and services.

The Anant Missionary Ashram is the realization of a vision from God which is to manifest itself to fullness in due time through the establishment of several such Spiritual Development and Human Services Centers all across India and the United States.

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